The Day Therapy and Rehabilitation Psychiatric Ward at the Babiński University Hospital in Krakow
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Szpital Kliniczny im.dr.Józefa Babińskiego SP ZOZ w Krakowie
Submission date: 2020-01-09
Final revision date: 2020-04-20
Acceptance date: 2020-05-28
Publication date: 2020-09-08
Corresponding author
Katarzyna Kotlarska   

Szpital Kliniczny im.dr.Józefa Babińskiego SP ZOZ w Krakowie
Psychoter 2020;193(2):61-73
Summary The article presents the therapy programme of the Day Therapy and Rehabilitation Treatment Unit, which is a part of the Babiński University Hospital in Krakow. The basic ideas of the clinical work of the ward, its structure, and the profile of admitted patients are presented. The described day care ward stands out from other psychiatric rehabilitation facilities, thanks to having a psychotherapeutic attitude, rather than using a strictly medical model, which results in an individual and group psychotherapy offer addressed to all patients. The therapeutic approach is adopted taking into account three directions in treatment: from interpretation to intersubjectivity, from intrapsychic to interpersonal attitude, and from the psychology of one person to the psychology of two people or even a network of people. The article describes the eclectic therapy and rehabilitation model used in the ward, the process of qualifying patients for treatment, as well as the variety of therapeutic activities. Several elements of the therapy programme have been presented: the model of psychiatric rehabilitation based on the principles of the therapeutic community, the model of individual and group psychotherapy, the multitude of other group activities, including occupational therapy, psychoeducation, and social skills training, as well as including the mentalization approach in the therapeutic process.
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