The influence of the family life cycle of the psychotherapist on his work
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Warszawski Ośrodek Psychoterapii i Psychiatrii
Submission date: 2015-10-09
Acceptance date: 2016-01-19
Publication date: 2015-12-21
Corresponding author
Irena Natalia Namysłowska   

Warszawski Ośrodek Psychoterapii i Psychiatrii, Homera 34, 04-624 Warszawa, Polska
Psychoter 2015;175(4):35-42
In response to passing time, process of aging, different life events and changes in the world, parallel changes occur in us, influencing interaction with patients and psychotherapeutic process in no lesser degree than the education and professional expierience, personality features and most of all dealing with countertransference Authors introduce three phases parallel to the traditional phases of the family life cycle connected with the process of of psychotherapy and mainly in the context of the therapist narcism. The phase of marriage and family with the small children was called:"between narcism and anxiety", the phase of the family with school children and adolescence "between narcism and peace". Tha last phases of family life cycle: were called "between narcism and grief". Authors are aware of the arbitrality of this division,as well as choosing therapists narcism as the key of it.

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Does not concern

In our paper we tried to show how psychological changes in the therapist during his passing through family life cycle influence the process of psychotherapy. Mutual perception, transference-countertransference processes, quality of interaction and even the content of the meeting change, . Because all the authors are women in the different family life cycles the whole process was presented from the feministic perspective, stressing the influence of the maternity in each of the phases of the family life cycle. In conseqence the role of work so important for the men was less stressed.

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