Esthetic Psychotherapy. New direction of psychotherapy development?
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Katedra Psychiatrii UJCM
Submission date: 2016-07-20
Final revision date: 2016-08-06
Acceptance date: 2016-08-06
Publication date: 2016-09-21
Corresponding author
Jacek Bomba   

Katedra Psychiatrii UJCM, Kopernika 21 A, 31 501 Kraków, Polska
Psychoter 2016;178(3):23-29
Relations between health disorders treatment and psychotherapy have been discussed within The Polish Psychiatric Association (PPA) for more than two decades. Aleksandrowicz formulated radical opinion on psychotherapy as treatment of health disorders of psycho-social pathogenesis. One of us (JB) postulated extending psychotherapy to cover situations of risk of disorder (prevention), and dealing with unsatisfactory outcome of disorder (rehabilitation). Efforts of PPA psychotherapists (Pawlik, Tronczyński) resulted in covering psychotherapy (as well as psychologists’ counseling) by national health insurance agency. I the second stage of the debate de Barbaro criticized medicalization of psychotherapy claiming its being legitimate way of dealing with problems other than health disturbance. This approach is understandable especially in family therapy and therapy promoting individual development. As significant portion of psychotherapy is delivered outside of health care system using health insurance resources, in individual services, information of clients is scarce. Nevertheless information gathered in supervision and training of supervisors lead to supposition, that psychotherapists agree for psychotherapy of persons who had not been diagnosed as suffering health disorders. Moreover, postpone diagnosis for psychotherapy formulating contract as aiming exploration. All over the world one can see growing interest in esthetic medicine using methods developed for treatment of people with health disturbance, to achieve desired appearance change in clients. Wes suppose that in the field of psychotherapy new direction is being born. Esthetic psychotherapy employs therapeutic methods to achieve mental change desired by clients.
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