Power Threat Meaning Framework – a brief description of the basic assumptions and context
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Uniwersytet Komisji Edukacji Narodowej w Krakowie
Visiting Professor, London South Bank University
Submission date: 2023-10-16
Final revision date: 2023-12-01
Acceptance date: 2023-12-02
Publication date: 2024-03-20
Corresponding author
Radosław Stupak   

Uniwersytet Komisji Edukacji Narodowej w Krakowie
Psychoter 2023;206(3):71-84
The article briefly presents the basic principles of a non-categorical approach to diagnosis, the Power Threat Meaning Framework (PTMF), published in 2018 by the British Psychological Society. It discusses Power, Threat, Meaning, and general patterns of threat responses, as they are conceptualized in this framework. The article also provides a brief description of the theoretical foundations and inspirations influencing the content of the PTMF. The PTMF draws from various philosophical, sociological, psychological, psychiatric, and psychotherapeutic traditions, offering a coherent integrating perspective. The PTMF is also presented in the broader context of contemporary controversies regarding the dominant systems of nosological diagnosis and the negative consequences of the reification of diagnostic constructs and the limitations of the biopsychosocial model in psychiatry and psychotherapy, which in practice favours the biological level. In the conclusion, the article also briefly presents criticism of the PTMF. The PTMF offers an approach that can be applied in clinical practice and scientific research, allowing for a broader consideration of economic, social, and cultural issues in the process of supporting people in distress. The PTMF can help prevent the excessive medicalization of individual and social problems.
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