E-mails sent to a closed ward as a healing factor in hybrid outpatient therapy of a patient diagnosed with schizophrenia
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Katedra Psychiatrii Akademii Krakowskiej im. Andrzeja Frycza Modrzewskiego
Szpital Kliniczny im. dr. Józefa Babińskiego
Submission date: 2021-03-23
Final revision date: 2021-07-30
Acceptance date: 2021-09-27
Publication date: 2022-01-07
Corresponding author
Krzysztof Walczewski   

Katedra Psychiatrii Akademii Krakowskiej im. Andrzeja Frycza Modrzewskiego
Psychoter 2021;198(3):49-63
The article describes hybrid therapy of a patient diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia, based on visits to the hospital clinic and feedback from the patient with thoughts on the course of treatment. The e-mail flow was one-way - from the patient to the doctors currently treating him. They were material for work during regular visits to the hospital clinic. In the article, I try to present the phenomena occurring in the clinic's contact "face to face", processed later in a specific way in the space of reflective reflection between the patient's outbox and the inbox in the domain. This allows us to trace the processes taking place in the patient's psychotic state of mind and his recovery efforts towards achieving a stable state of prudent, sober reflection. The patient is seduced, constantly drawn into ethereal areas of destruction, first through quasi-conscious dreaming simultaneously pushing into two worlds: a healthy fantasy world and a total, crushing world of psychotic overwhelming. The psychotic world wants to absorb and erode the life of the "dreaming traveler". The islands of orthological thinking emerging in the hybrid therapeutic relationship presented here allow the patient to obtain and maintain contact with subsequent doctors and functioning in reality. The course of the overall treatment indicates the possibility of modifying the unfavorable course of schizophrenia towards achieving dual orientation and using the patient's health potential.
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