Terapia pacjentek z rozpoznaniem jadłowstrętu psychicznego leczonych w Klinice Psychiatrii Dzieci i Młodzieży UM — specyfika, zasady i dylematy   37-52
Psychoter 2010;152(1):37–52
The article displays methods of therapy of female patients diagnosed with anorexia nervosa at the UM Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Ward. The outlined therapeutic model was worked out, corrected and elaborated on during over thirty years of work with patients. The currently proposed therapy bases on a complementary usage of the behavioural, cognitive and system approach, within the limits of the conducted group, individual and family therapy and the contract. The article presents the specification, rules and dilemmas of working with the ill, who both contradict the illness and identify with the symptoms. The author takes notice, that the development of studies concerning eating disorders might inspire further research and presenting the ill with a wider and more individually suited therapeutic offer.