Komunikacja hipnotyczna. Jak wzbogacić kontakt z pacjentami
Psychoter 2014;170(3):79-92
The medical environment inadvertently is full of negative suggestions. Patients are especially susceptible as they often experience the situation as extreme and go into a natural trance state with increased suggestibility. This instead might be utilized to place positive suggestions and to use techniques of hypotherapy even without a formal hypnotic induction. Signs of trance can be observed in patients, negative suggestions can be identified and avoided, and suggestions prove effective without hypnosis. Indirect suggestions, utilization, reframing, dissociation in location or in time to a safe place, metaphors, and nonverbal communication including body contact can be used to mediate accompaniment and safety. Thereby, pain and fears are reduced, stress and wearing noises are compensated, and patients are animated to activate their own coping strategies. Without additional time anxieties can be avoided or reduced during induction of anesthesia leaving a patient with a smile on his face. Using scalp blocks, accompaniment and hypnotic communication tumor surgery at eloquent areas of the brain are performed under really awake conditions, allowing for intraoperative testing without pharmacological interference. Recognition and avoidance of negative suggestions and the use of hypnotic principles and techniques can be applied. in contrast to hypnosis. to all patients. For the reduction of pain and anxiety and for a better activation of the patient's own resources this should become part of medical education.
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