Comparative impressions of short term dynamic psychotherapy methods: Rasztow model using psychodrama technique and ISTDP (Intensive short-term dynamic psychotherapy)
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Psychoter 2013;164(1):55-66
The author describes two different methods of short-term psychotherapy which are based on David Malan's understanding of the source of patient disorder and meaning of symptoms. Diagnosis of symptoms of the focal conflict with which the patient comes for therapy, leads to a diagnosis of the core-conflict in early childhood which is responsible for creating anxiety and defenses. They block the adaptation and healthy development of the patient. In the model introduced by O.L.N. Rasztow forty years ago, patients in the therapeutic group underwent a corrective experience. They learned new more adaptive ways of functioning. The therapeutic process is intensified by the psychodrama technique. The author is describing the yet not well known in Poland approach, based on Malan's concept of triangle of conflict and triangle of persons (transferences). Habib Davanloo's method known under abbreviation ISTDP is based on this concept. In the final stage of intensive therapeutic work in this approach, the patient is to be liberated from the core-conflict. Specific psychodramatic technique of visualization is used. The patient is supposed to experience the consequence of murderous rage towards the primary aggressor, go through the mental execution on him, then through burial and experience of grief and in that way freeing the space for love within himself. The author is pointing out advantages and dangers in both methods.
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