Zastosowanie Internetu w przełamywaniu niepełnosprawności psychicznej. Doświadczenia własne 57–65
Psychoter 2009;150(3):57–65
Mental illness is usually related with great difficulties in social functioning, establishing and maintaining interpersonal contacts. It has effects such as loneliness and feeling of isolation. Relations entered or maintained through the internet can provide actual help and reduce a feeling of isolation. The purpose of an international programme ICAR (Internet Communication and Active Rehabilitation for People with Mental Disorders) was to use computers and internet for social rehabilitation of the mentally ill. The programme coordinated by the Brodno Association Pomost (Brodnowskie Stowarzyszenie Pomost) was realized jointly with non-governmental organizations from Germany and Netherlands. Most of the programme participants used computers and internet efficiently after courses lasting five months. The courses were conducted on two levels: elementary and advanced. The specific aspects of the methodology of holding computer courses for people with mental disorders are related both with skilful motivating to start the course and taking the advantage of multimedia possibilities of internet. Referring to the participants' own activity, and supporting their expression turned out to be very important for the effectiveness of those courses. The European Commission included the ICAR programme to the best education programmes for adults realized in Europe in 2000-2005 under the Grundtvig component.