Zaburzenia osobowości — jak je rozumieć i jak leczyć. Perspektywa psychodynamiczna       17-25
Psychoter 2008;144(1):17-25
In the article we propose to rethink the very base of the personality disorders category for psychotherapeutic theory and practice. We focus on the borderline category, with all its internal ambiguities and contradictions that seems to reflect problems with the whole diagnostic group. We divide our objections in three groups, namely: methodological ones (in the presence of - as is generally assumed - purely descriptive network of psychiatric notions a priori applied to psychological models), ethical (regarding contemporary omission of the need for structural differentiation between neurosis and psychosis in the field of applied psychotherapy), and those concerning the internal logic of the diagnostic criteria of the borderline category (which relates to the question of status of the symptom - considered either as directly linked with a particular psychopathology or taken in its phenomenological diversity, without immediate implication for diagnosis). Despite our objections, we conclude with some indications for psychotherapy with people diagnosed as 'borderline'.
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