Skala Założeń wobec świata — polska adaptacja i analiza walidacyjna
Psychoter 2012;162(3):17–31
Aim. The aim of this article is to present a theoretical background and psychometric features of the Polish adaptation of the World Assumptions Scale by Janoff-Bulman (1989). The original scale was constructed to identify assumptions of people, about the world and to recognise their changes after a traumatic event. Method. The study involved 357 participants, aged 21-52 (M=37.77). 18.5% were male, 81.5% - female. Results. alpha-Cronbach coefficient for the scale was 0.816, internal stability (test-retest) 0.54. Our study suggested a 7-factor structure of the scale, with two scales of benevolence combined together. Conclusions. The Polish adaptation has satisfactory psychometric properties. It may be a valuable instrument in the evaluation of impact of trauma and assessment the progress in the treatment of ASD, PTSD or borderline personality disorder.