Neurobiologiczne podłoże związków między emocjami a funkcjami poznawczymi
Psychoter 2012;162(3):5-15
For a long time emotions and cognition have been considered as separate, but equivalent aspects of the human mind. In recent years some trials have been undertaken, which had to be used in order to connect the cognitive processes with the emotional processes. To understand cooperation of cognition and emotions, it should be clearly defined what this cooperation is exactly. That is a reason why it is important to concentrate on specific cognitive and emotional processes, which will enable collecting data indicating both dependence as well as independence of certain cognitive processes from the emotional. In the traditional psychopathology, disturbances of the emotional area were quite clearly differentiated from the cognitive area, what was reflected in numerous classification systems. In some disorders, perceived first of all as emotional disturbances, as it turns out, it comes to a clear deterioration of cognitive functioning. In this article, the authors mentioned that disorders of the cognitive area presented in two disturbances, which in the traditional approach were not included in cognitive disturbances, and they are schizophrenia and depression.
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