Różne oblicza anoreksji — model jej leczenia na Oddziale Klinicznym Psychiatrii i Psychoterapii Wieku Rozwojowego     65
Psychoter 2012;161(2):65-73
The proposed programmes of eating disorders treatment are extremely diverse and to a great extent depend on the approach and ways of understanding predominant in a given medical centre of the mechanisms underlying the difficulties. Aim: The aim of this paper is to present the method of anorexia nervosa treatment used at the Clinical Developmental Age Psychiatry and Psychotherapy Ward (The Clinical PiPWR Ward) in the Paediatric Centre in Sosnowiec with a special consideration of the significance of personality organisation level diagnosis for choosing curative and therapeutic actions. Material and methods: The paper is based on the presentation of case studies of female patients hospitalised at the PiPWR Ward. Conclusions: While undertaking the treatment of female patients with eating disorders, a simultaneous diagnosis of personality organisation level becomes crucial, since it influences the choice of appropriate therapeutic techniques.
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