Psychoterapia indywidualna wyniszczonej pacjentki z jadłowstrętem psychicznym w warunkach stacjonarnego oddziału psychiatrycznego — opis przypadku
Psychoter 2013;166(3):71–78
The article presents the process of individual psychotherapy of cachectic patient with chronic anorexia nervosa. The therapy was conducted in conditions of the inpatient psychiatric ward for adolescents as a part of treatment during the twenty-four-hour hospitalisation. Understanding of the patient psychopathology as well as phenomena appearing in the time of the psychotherapy process were described in the psychodynamic paradigm. Basic difficulties met by the therapist of chronic patients with eating disorders are mentioned. Particular attention is paid to the situation when the psychotherapy takes place within the inpatient unit and thereupon as integral part of hospitalization has to be only a short episode in the broader plan of long-term treatment.