Psychodrama i psychoanaliza - podejście integracyjne   
Psychoter 2005;135(4):15-21
This is the lecture delivered by the author at the 8th International Psychodrama Conference in Cracow. At the beginning of their development, psychodrama and psychoanalysis did not fit together and had contradictory foundations. With the development of both directions those contradictions were being reduced. These days most psychoanalysts no longer consider themselves as the impersonal projection screen for the patient and also most of the psychodramatysts do not deny that in therapeutic psychodrama theatre insight plays an important part. It is now possible to integrate both directions. This integration is not so easy due to the fact that in both these approaches groups and therapists are working in significantly different ways. In therapeutic groups led by the author psychoanalytical and psychodramatical sessions are interlacing. Often psychodrama is chosen by the patients to work with themes of deficits, traumas, separations and catharsis. For patients, the psychodramatical techniques are very often a way of understanding and illustrating different psychodynamic relations. Psychodramatical and psychoanalytical sessions should not be separated worlds and therefore elements of psychodrama should be applied during psychoanalytical sessions and of course on the contrary.
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