Poczucie umiejscowienia kontroli i ekspresja złości u kobiet z bulimią - badania pilotażowe  
Psychoter 2007;140(1):51-58
Objective. Evaluation of locus of control and anger in Polish and French populations with bulimia nervosa. Method. The study involved 30 Polish patients and 14 French patients who were diagnosed according to ICD-10 criteria. The control group consisted of 107 randomly selected students from Poland and France. The study applied the Internal Powerful Others and Chance Scale by Levenson (1991) and the Self-Expression and Control Scale by Van Elderen et al. (1997). Results. The Polish patients with bulimia nervosa show a significantly higher external locus of control (p <= 0.01) and level of anger-out (p <= 0.001) as compared to French bulimic patients. The results revealed significant differences between the experimental groups and control groups. As compared to control groups, Polish patients show a significantly lower internal locus of control (p <= 0.01), they show a significantly higher external locus of control (p <= 0.001) and they believed more in chance (p <= 0.01). However, in the French group, bulimic patients show a significantly higher level of anger-in (p <= 0.01) than the control group. Conclusion. The experience of self-control of bulimic patients is much more disturbed than that of the healthy population.
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