Lęk nocny i za burzenia snu u dzieci - model pracy terapeutycznej z dzieckiem i rodzicami             37–51
Psychoter 2009;151(4):37–51
The article describes a therapeutic work model with children and their parents, used in cases of night fears and child sleep disorders. The submitted symptoms addressed children aged 7-12 and were based on difficulties in falling asleep without the physical proximity of a parent or waking up of the child at night identifying fear and the need to be close to their parent. The presented psychotherapy model was devised by the author, based on years of clinical practice and search for the quickest available forms of aid to both children and their parents. The psychotherapy was carried out in forms of family therapy in the systemic approach and individual child therapy, carried out in a cognitive-behavioural approach. The presented therapeutic model is based on a case study.