Z historii psychoanalitycznych rozważań nad obrazem Boga
Psychoter 2011;156(1):13-23
The author describes the history of a psychoanalytic point of view in the psychology of religion, especially the internal God Image as a central aspect of most religious beliefs in the Judeo-Christian Cultural Circle. She starts from the Freudian thesis, focused on the God Image as an effect of the Oedipal conflict and prevalence of paternal features contained in it. Then she shortly reports on the Jungian approach and Adler' view on the development and role of the God Image. She also describes the contribution of particular theorists from the British school of object relations, who noted the preoedipal roots of this internal image. At the end, she presents the modern, multifaceted, both developmental and structural approach to the God Image development and its functioning in the psyche - Ana-Maria Rizzuto's theory of the God Image and personal religiosity.
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