Wykorzystanie koncepcji fenomenologiczno-poznawczych w pracy klinicznej z pacjentami z chorobą nowotworową krwi. Doświadczenia własne  57
Psychoter 2005;132(1):57–65
In this article we present the model of psychological care for patients hospitalized in the Haematology Department of the Jagiellonian University, Collegium Medicum in Krakow. The authors' views are based on the psychological concept of the phenomenological-cognitive trend. Disease experience and its psychological consequences are described with reference to crisis theory. The presented model shows individual possibilities of patients to cope with the disease unaided and it the course of treatment. The aim of psychological care is to mobilize the patients for active participation in the treatment process and to support the patient adaptation to the experienced events and also to predictable changes in their life. Discussed forms of psychological assistance, on one hand, take into consideration the importance of individual contact of the patient with psychologist and, on the other hand, allow taking assistance of the large group of patients during hospitalisation.