Superwizja psychoterapii z perspektywy psychodynamicznej  5
Psychoter 2010;154(3):5-10
In spite of the wide recommendation of supervision in training and continuous education in mental health, professional literature on the problem is relatively scarce. Majority of publications listed in the data bases concern rather clinical supervision then specific psychotherapy supervision. Supervision has originated within psychoanalysis, as continuation of training analysis, to develop later in a specific form of education. Research on supervision performed in the 90-ties led to conclusions that none of the various models of supervising proved to be more effective. It was also claimed that in spite of variety of the theoretical background, techniques used by supervisors are similar. Milne's concept of -specific and operationalized definition of supervision as a form of education and training requiring organised, intensive, case concerned relation in which experienced practitioner supports, directs and leads the work of colleagues -is discussed.
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