Różnice dotyczące wpływu sugestii analgezji na przeżywanie bólu w stanie relaksacji i w stanie hipnozy 
Psychoter 2005;134(3):33-46
The issue of pain relief plays an important role in contemporary medicine. Hipnoanalgesia is one of the safest methods of pain reduction. Suggestibility is a characteristic of every person; however, can a simple suggestion modulate pain perception? The influence of suggestion on analgesia when given in a state of relaxation and a state of hypnosis has been evaluated in a group of I I students. In the experiment the subjects received pain stimuli in the following four states: I relaxation, 2 relaxation with a suggestion of analgesia, 3 hypnosis, 4 hypnosis with a suggestion of analgesia. The information on the change of the characteristics of pain, its intensity, the course of hypnosis, unexpected phenomena and possible interruptions or disturbances has been gathered with the use of an interview method. A similar interview was conducted in 9 months after the experiment. The results show differences in the subjective pain perception in the state of hypnosis with the suggestion of analgesia and in the state of relaxation. The differences in intensity and character of pain as well as emotional response to pain stimuli have been observed. Furthermore, in the state of hypnosis with the suggestion of analgesia additional sensations have occurred including formication of limbs, changes in perception of temperature and shape of the object used to deliver the pain stimuli. The hypnosis alone has reduced pain perception in some subjects. One person perceived pain as stronger and more unpleasant. Suggestion alone has decreased the intensity of pain in half of the subjects, but only according to the data collected during the first interview. Moreover, one person has reported a major qualitative change in the nature of the sensation after receiving the suggestion of analgesia in the state of relaxation. The same person has accounted for an impact of suggestion alone on pain perception in the second interview. In conclusion, the results of this research encourage future study of the impact of suggestion of analgesia on pain perception and the use of hipnoanalgesia as a safe and effective method of pain management.
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