Pseudociąża w przebiegu zespołu stresu pourazowego po poronieniu – opis przypadku
Psychoter 2014;168(1):93–98
PTSD (Posttraumatic Stress Disorder) is a type of anxiety disorder, resulting from a traumatic experience which presents a number of pathological symptoms, disrupting everyday life and causing severe psychological suffering. A case of 24-year old woman with pseudocyesis - a rare disorder characterised by existance of gestation's sings despite its' absence, is presented. The patient developed typical symptoms of pregnancy in the course of the PTSD, after previous miscarriage. For 13 months the patient remained amenorrheic, with inhibited ovulation, had morning sickness, maintained weight as during pregnancy and had abdominal pain. All these symptoms were accompanied by numerous symptoms of anxiety and depression. The hormone therapy that was used did not avail the desired effect, which further testified that the symptoms were psychogenic. After undergoing psychotherapy, the disorder subsided.