Przerwanie terapii jako cena utrzymania pozycji terapeutycznej. Opis przypadku pacjentki z osobowością zależną
Psychoter 2014;168(1):5-16
The article is a case report of a woman with dependent personality disorder treated in individual psychodynamic psychotherapy. The essential background of the treatment is based on an earlier, 20 year long period of a previous therapy, which was conducted in the humanistic approach, in the Gestalt model. The immediate reason to begin the treatment described in the article was for the patient's worsening of her psychic state. This was after receiving the news of death of the therapist, who led the previous Gestalt therapy for a long time. In the discussion, the author focuses on the analysis of how the differences in diagnosis and ways of treatment depend on the psychotherapeutic paradigm in which the therapist works. The analysis is done on the examples of patients with psychopathology of over-dependence and takes into consideration both the therapeutic paradigms which the reported patient met. In the context of mode of ending the treatment through breaking it off by the patient, weaknesses and shortfalls of the presented process of psychotherapy are mentioned.
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