Korekta dysfunkcjonalnych schematów zachowania (KDSZ) jako narzędzie pracy psychoterapeutycznej z niewidomymi pacjentami  
Psychoter 2005;135(4):61-75
The author presents his own psychotherapy method which he called Correction of Dysfunctional Behaviour Schemes. Although most experiences with the method have been obtained in his psychotherapeutic practice with blind people and especially patients who lost vision and could not cope with problems they encountered, the method turned out to be efficacious in work with other patients, mainly those affected with neurotic disorders. The use of the presented method of mental rehabilitation allows for a change in the dysfunctional attitudes and schemes. The patient becomes able to respond more adequately and flexibly to the situations experienced. The method, owing to the therapist's suggestion, aims at directing the patient's functioning in such a way as to reduce dispensable tension and to enable a satisfying coping with different situations and efficient carrying out of life goals. Further studies on the efficiency of the method are in progress.
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