Grupa jako środowisko lecznicze. Od zachowań pomocowych do socjoterapii             67-77
Psychoter 2008;144(1):67–77
The article describes the key stages, which contributed to the rise of knowledge about small groups giving way to therapeutic groups. They resulted from the alleged and represented healing functions in the group. It is then followed with a general description attempting to show how sociotherapy formulated itself in the context of specific historical, social and psychological changes throughout the ages. In its essence, sociotherapy comes from professional forms of work in and through the group, which were based on therapy supportive in the treatment of psychiatrically disturbed patients. Beginning from intuitive and naive premises, across slow stages of their rationalization, coming to a fully mature affirmation of the healing character of groups is proven. The shape of today's character of meeting groups was shown to be influenced not only by knowledge and reason, but also the magical, and the theatrical rituals.