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Psychoterapia 1/2002

Jacek Bomba
Obecność Kępińskiego  5
Antoni Kępiński presence  5

The paper is presented to commemorate the 30st anniversary of Profesor Antoni Kępiński death on 12th July 1972.

Niels Pörksen
Leczenie czy eksterminacja. Filozofia zdrowia publicznego w medycynie hitlerowskich Niemiec  9
Healing or extermination. Philosophy of public health in Nazi medicine 9

The paper was presented during the XL Congress of Polish Psychiatric Association, Kraków, June 14th, 2001.

Maria Siwiak-Kobayashi
Psychoterapeuta wobec prawdy o sobie, o pacjencie i o sytuacji terapeutycznej  15
The psychotherapist towards the truth about himself, about the patient and the therapeutic situation  15

The paper was presented during the Symposium for Christian Psychologists "Psychology towards the truth" in Konstancin 2001. The author shares her reflections on the importance of truth and reality in psychotherapy.

Jacek Mesterhazy
Psychologiczne następstwa doświadczeń urazowych u dzieci. Interwencja kryzysowa  21
Psychological effects of traumatic events in children. Crisis intervention  21

The subject of this article is the psychological effects of traumatic events observed in children exposed to natural disasters. Examining the above issue, the author places emphasis on the difficulties in diagnosing post-traumatic disorders in the case of young children and discusses clinical clues whose aim is to help notice the specific post-traumatic reaction occurring in children. The analyses are backed with the author's own experiences of therapeutic work with children exposed to flooding and crisis intervention strategies he uses.

Paweł Sala, Daniel Marchewka, Witold Simon
Porzucanie leczenia (drop-out) w trakcie psychoterapii zaburzeń odżywiania  33
Dropouts in psychotherapy of eating disorders  33

The article describes the results of research on risk factors for dropouts in psychotherapy of eating disorders. Different definitions of dropouts have been compared. Most of the research discusses patients' features, very few studies explore similar variables specific for therapists.

Zbigniew Jabłoński
Optymalne podejście w leczeniu psychogennych dysfunkcji seksualnych  41
The optimal approach in the therapy of psychogenic sexual dysfunction  41

The author discusses different methods of treatment of psychogenic sexual dysfunctions. He states that because of sexuologist's patient specifics, choosing the optimal mode of treatment may be related to some difficulties. Some patients' expectations, requests of fast and impressive improvement may be conflicted with the necessity of diagnostic testing and the necessity of choosing optimal treatment for the particular disorder and its context of appearance. The author describes chosen cases and pays attention to the gains resulting from flexible actions of therapist and skilful combinations of the different treatment methods. He underlines the virtues of causal treatment of psychogenic sexual dysfunctions both in couple therapy and in individual psychotherapy.

Jerzy Samochowiec, Ryszard Kamiński, Anna Hajduk, Anna Skrzypińska, Georg Arentowicz
Pacjent z fobią w fotelu dentystycznym. 47
A dental patient with phobia  47

This article discusses dental anxiety and phobia. Authors present background information, including incidence and ethiology. A discussion of evaluative techniques for assessing anxiety levels follows. Examination and treatment planning are considered in relation to this patient's special needs. This article stresses behavioural treatment modalities that eliminate the debilitating phobia. To summarise, the article presents practical information regarding prevention of dental phobia and the merits of incorporating this type of patient into a dental practice.

Anna Potoczek
Koniec czasów, historia, psychoterapia  53
The end of time, history psychotherapy  53

The author describes the process of decline, spiritual and psychological crisis and chances of a re-evolution of the modern world.

Sylwetki psychoterapeutów - Jerzy Pawlik.





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